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Ward 5 holds a special place in my heart and has been a vital part of my life's journey—a journey deeply rooted in the Historic West Side, where my story began.



My Ward 5 journey begins with my Granny, Ms. Maybell, who made the move to Las Vegas in the 1950s. In 1975, she achieved a significant milestone by purchasing her home on West Adams Avenue. I came into the picture a few years later, shortly after my parents started their remarkable 40+ year barrier-breaking careers in the gaming industry. As my parents navigated Las Vegas graveyard, swing shifts and weekend work schedules. I spent countless hours at my Granny's house, making lifelong memories. It was a place that felt like a second home, filled with love, warmth and good food.

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Growing up in the 89106 was filled with unforgettable community experiences. Next door to my Granny lived the candy lady, and right across the street stood the church. Summer days were highlighted by walks to the corner 7-11 for Slurpees and pickled pig feet—a weird combination by today's snack standards, but a cherished memory for me. My educational journey kicked off right in Ward 5 in the Head Start program at the West Side School. Over the years, I was on my first basketball team at Doolittle, attended, and met my first girlfriend at, Matt Kelly when it was a 6th-grade center.  And thanks to the firm suggestion of my Pops I became a regular at the "New" West Las Vegas Library. He also taught me a bit about fishing in Lorenzi Park. And I was actively involved in youth organizations like the Jr. Kappa League.

Arts, Entertainment & Entrepreneurship

Ward 5 nurtured my passion for the arts and entertainment and business. I had a12 year career in the beauty industry, owning my own salon, and later went on to lead a film studio. Both my entertainment and entrepreneurship journeys began with the beauty salon my parents owned for 25 years. As a key marketing effort in our family business, we would produce hair shows at the West Las Vegas Theater. Those early experiences as a performer eventually led to me performing on stages across the country and establishing a 20+ year career in the entertainment industry. As I pursed performing I discovered producing; the first play I ever produced was at the West Las Vegas Theater. That production went on to tour the country and I found myself on career path of producing film, television and stage shows. But no stage has been closer to my heart and more important to my journey than the West Las Vegas Theater.


The Historic Westside
& Beyond

While my story begins in the Historic Westside, my connection to Ward 5 extends beyond those boundaries. My closest cousin's home is on Saylor Way where his mother still lives today. Their home became a central gathering place during our teen years, and we attended games at Western High School. My mother and I attended All Saints Episcopal Church, where I proudly served as an altar boy. The seed was planted to obtain my B.A. in Ministry Leadership and begin a life of service in the faith community and as a leader in my current church.  I now have three children a newborn who will grow after in Ward 5 and two who are a bit older now. Both currently attending CSN but attending Andre Agassi Academy. Not to mention we spent countless hours at Ed Fountain Park throughout my son's Pop Warner football career. 



No matter how far my passions took me I have always made it a point to bring back what I have learned to the community that raised me. Working in service to Ward 5 has always been a significant part of my journey. Wether it was traveling home to perform in a community play, speaking to youth groups or helping the City of Las Vegas produce a live presentation that aided in the City winning the All American City Award. Working with the City and in the community is a part of who I am.  After living in Atlanta, and building a film company there the catalyst for moving back to Las Vegas was the  collaboration of my film company with the City of Las Vegas, Nevada Partners, and My Brother's Keepers to facilitate a first-in-the-state film training program for local youth. Through this initiative, we embarked on projects that addressed important topics like civic engagement, responsible social media behaviors, and bullying. Inspiring young minds to explore their potential. The younger generation knew their dreams were not just possible but within reach.


Share Your Ward 5 Journey


My journey is a reflection of the rich history, diverse experiences, sense of family and community that define Ward 5. This campaign isn't just about me—it's about all of us. Working together to bring about a renaissance to the community that we have all chosen to make our home.  I invite you to share your own Ward 5 story with us. What are your cherished memories, favorite places, and dreams for our community? Join us in this journey, help shape the future, and contribute to the revival of Ward 5 as a thriving, inclusive community that honors its past and creates opportunities for all to thrive. Please share your Ward 5 story with us and become an integral part of our shared journey.

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